A key to our spiritual formation is embracing the concept of obedience to Christ, thereby unlocking the flow of abundance.

The principles within our God’s Economy stewardship training focus on how obedience to Christ opens various doors to abundant blessing. God’s Economy targets transforming our hearts as it pertains to finances. This is not a transactional approach; it’s transformational in the hearts of those who are open to what the Holy Spirit has to say. Stewardship does not have to be an intimidating subject. By teaching the financial principles of God’s Economy your church will break the bondage from financial strongholds.

God’s Economy Classes:

Comprised of two sessions, classes are typically held on location for your congregation. We train and equip a leader from within your church who facilitates the sessions. Having a respected and familiar person lead the sessions has proven to be a very effective format to transform attitudes and hearts. These authentic changes have impacted hundreds of families, thereby altering legacies for generations to come.

  • Session I – Triumphing over Treasure – Dive into the issues of debt, dishonest gain, and distraction and how they can have a negative impact on our relationship with Christ.
  • Session II – Obedience Leads to Abundant Blessing – We will discuss the types of abundance Christ has for us and what it takes to access what Christ intends for us.

Training Formats Available:

We offer two options to coach and prepare a prayerfully chosen leader from your church:

  • Individual Church Training Sessions – We train the selected person from your church to instruct this course. The fee is $700 and includes the necessary printable materials for the leader and participants.
  • Multiple Church Training Sessions – Periodically we offer group training classes which are held live via video conferencing. Contact us for more information on upcoming group training sessions.

Training manuals are also available in Spanish.

“Stewardship training content that not only sets a high bar for the spiritually mature but also delivers it in a way that is palatable to the young in faith….The language of “abundance” blows the ceiling off the traditional idea that stewardship merely brings abundant finances…(God’s Economy) connects the concept of practicing stewardship principles to abundant righteousness, ministry relationships, witness, and praise—the true pillars of wealth and abundance.” —Pastor Jeff Paschall