Vision (Capital) Campaign

We serve a rich God and we need to stop putting Him in a box. Removing barriers and committing to God’s vision allows the Holy Spirit to lead and unleash His full power.

A vision campaign begins with a clear image of what the Lord intends to accomplish through your church or organization. In our experience, the most successful campaigns are saturated in prayer, and that is how we design them. The focus on prayer allows opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of the congregation and others of His choosing.

CCM’s mission is to provide you with the tools necessary to run a smooth and effective capital campaign. Our unique methodology to raise funds both internally and externally maximizes the potential for future ministry and impact. We design and provide coaching, training, and strategic campaign planning according to the needs of your church or organization.

Internal Campaign

Through dedicated coaching, we guide team-building efforts to create a high level of involvement so leaders and members can effectively dig in and carry out the roles Christ has for them in fulfilling His vision.

External Campaign

We devise and coach creative funding concepts to tap into resources that would otherwise go undiscovered and seek to find innovative sources of giving to offset costs.

Costs and Fees

When your church is trying to raise funds, the last thing you need to do is overpay for guidance. We keep our fees as low as possible, and you’ll find that our rates are a fraction of what outside consulting companies typically charge.

“The most important contribution of CCM was in helping us organize a concerted effort in prayer. The pace at which these funds came in surprised us all…” —Pastor Mike Barnes

“As a pastor who has run campaigns in the past, Jeremy was so much more effective than other more expensive options out there. Jeremy exceeded expectations and I would highly recommend him to any church!” —Rev. John Blue

“Perhaps the greatest endorsement of any professional’s qualifications are the results. We not only met our goals but, in several measures, exceeded them. The stewardship coaching that he gave our leaders continues to benefit our church to this day. Jeremy had a way of designing a campaign that led with prayer and the results were excellent as we raised above our initial goal.” —Pastor John Rose

“Jeremy enthusiastically invested in our campaign, Building Bridges, and provided us with invaluable insights and advice. The training materials were extremely clear and the training of our leadership team was very well done…Jeremy was always available for a quick call so I could run a new idea by him at the last minute…I highly recommend Jeremy and the services of CCM if you are considering a capital campaign in your future—you won’t be disappointed if you do the things he trains you to do.” —Pastor Sam Rima