Build-Out Design

A church designed for who is yet to come—not just who’s already there—prepares the way for those whom Christ directs.

Whether planning a remodel or new facility layout, it’s imperative to harness Christ’s vision for the design. And we know that His intent is to grow His church. With that in mind, our build-out designs focus on:

  • Preparing your church for the next 100 people
  • Designing your church through the eyes of the guest and what they will experience
  • Maximizing connecting space
  • Amplifying the ministry potential of your facility for today and tomorrow

With fresh eyes, we pay detailed attention as to how new people experience the facility. We also consider factors such as environmental regulations and public safety laws that need to be adhered to for even the smallest project. Our goal is to guide you in the process to completion as smoothly and cost effectively as possible.

Additional areas of emphasis include:

  • Interior signage
  • Aesthetics
  • Ideas to save money on hard costs of the build-out
  • Missional marketing strategies for your new location
  • Assimilation training introduction

“Jeremy’s designs were adept as well as personal to our church and our community needs. We had many structural issues…that needed to be addressed because they kept ministry from happening. Jeremy faithfully saw the overhaul of our antiquated building into our new year of successful ministry to the community around us.” —Rev. Chris Robbins