Assimilation Training

To fully be prepared to receive unchurched and lost people, we must start by loving them through intentional relationships.

Christ is constantly growing His kingdom. Is your church ready to receive those He sends through your doors? When your church body focuses on engaging with guests in a way that removes their anxiety, it allows them to clearly hear His Word and relationships will flourish.  

Our Assimilation Training emphasizes:

  • Preparing churches to receive unchurched and lost people
  • Preparing churches to be in alignment with what Christ is doing in our communities
  • Loving people through authentic relationship
  • Leading people into their next step in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ

CCM will work with you to tailor a complete plan and total training for your church, whether a church plant or a church of several hundred or thousand. The key is to be intentional about what needs to be accomplished when connecting people to the church body. We will develop and train teams within the church body to function in various aspects of the Connection Team.

Teams we develop:

  • Connection Team
  • Guest Experience Team
  • Media Team
  • Follow-Up Team
  • Admin Team

The first seven minutes and the final five minutes that a guest is on-site are the most critical in establishing the initial impression. Assimilation training takes a focused look in dealing with these critical time periods.

Additional areas of emphasis:

  • Marketing materials focused on outreach
  • Guest spotters
  • Intentional relationships

“I have been in ministry for over 30 years and I have been to countless seminars. Working with Jeremy is different. It feels as if he is on my church staff and he identifies with our ministry goals as if they were his own.” — Pastor Mike Mercurio

 “Every church needs to have a plan in place for how they will welcome that new family who comes to their church that needs to have a relationship with Christ. Jeremy will help you get that plan as well as give a call to your church to raise up the people needed to make this ministry work.” — Pastor Don Schaeffer

“He helped us see our ministry through the lens of what newcomers experience when with us…[now] people who visit our church are warmly welcomed, authentically engaged, and want to come back!” — Pastor Cade Christensen