Our church has worked with Jeremy Malick for several months. We have utilized his experience designing missional spaces and his practical approach to assimilation training. In both cases, his consultation has been much more than mere philosophy. It has included hands-on help, guiding suggestions, and real-life demonstrations. Jeremy's demeanor is winsome and confident. He is an encourager and a motivator, offering appropriate accountability. Things that you may have known to do, but just haven't done, start to take shape with Jeremy's help.

I have been in ministry for over 30 years and I have been to countless seminars. Working with Jeremy is different. It feels as if he is on my church staff and he identifies with our ministry goals as if they were his own.

While we are still in the process of implementing our new initiatives, I would heartily recommend him to any pastor and to any church leadership team: Take advantage of Jeremy's help. You will be glad that you did!

—Mike Mercurio, Sr. Pastor, First Alliance Church, Silver Spring, MD

Finally, a stewardship course that speaks to the fullness of living in abundance!   

Our ministry attracts a wide range of people across the broad spectrum of the spiritual journey. Some are well-established, mature believers. Many others have little to no spiritual background at all. This dynamic truly makes it a challenge to find stewardship training content that not only sets a high bar for the spiritually mature but also delivers it in a way that is palatable to the young in faith. 

God's Economy does this so well. The language of "abundance" blows the ceiling off the traditional idea that stewardship merely brings abundant finances. God's Economy connects the concept of practicing stewardship principles to abundant righteousness, ministry relationships, witness, and praise—the true pillars of wealth and abundance.

—Pastor Jeff Paschall, Journey Church, Roseburg, OR

This past spring, I had the privilege of working with Jeremy Malick and Church Coach Ministries to conduct a Vision (Capital) Campaign at our church. As a pastor, I have led five capital campaigns over the years and know just how taxing the process can be. I have also learned that the organization you choose to work with is vitally important as they must be a good fit with the ethos of your congregation. With this knowledge, I invested significant time researching potential firms to work with for our capital campaign. Ultimately, I settled on CCM and Jeremy, and it was the best choice I could have made!

Jeremy enthusiastically invested in our campaign, Building Bridges, and provided us with invaluable insights and advice. The training materials were extremely clear and the training of our leadership team was very well done. Once the campaign went public and was up and running, I don’t think there was a week that went by that Jeremy didn’t personally touch base with me by phone or email. He was always available for a quick call so I could run a new idea by him at the last minute.

Our church had never conducted a capital campaign, so I was somewhat leery of what kind of success we might have. But because of the nature of our campaign, which launched with forty days of prayer and fasting, followed later by a 24-hour prayer vigil, our congregation was immediately receptive to our efforts. The prayer vigil was actually one of the highlights of our campaign as God moved among us in some very powerful and exciting ways!

Ultimately, God blessed us with a very successful campaign! We raised $806,000 for Building Bridges, with $250,000 of that given within the first month as a result of the “first fruits” offering Jeremy suggested we make available to people.

Throughout the campaign I didn’t receive a single complaint, but rather many comments about how “tasteful” and spiritually focused the campaign was! I thank Jeremy and, of course, the Lord for that!

I highly recommend Jeremy and the services of CCM if you are considering a capital campaign in your future—you won’t be disappointed if you do the things he trains you to do. I’d also be happy to talk personally with anyone who has questions about working with Jeremy and CCM.

—Pastor Sam Rima, North Seattle Church, Seattle, WA

Jeremy Malick was very instrumental in helping the people of our church see the need for having an assimilation strategy in place. We get people and then lose them all the time. Every church needs to have a plan in place for how they will welcome that new family who comes to their church that needs to have a relationship with Christ. Jeremy will help you get that plan as well as give a call to your church to raise up the people needed to make this ministry work. What I appreciate about Jeremy is that he is real with his experiences both good and bad. Because he understands that every church is different, he will help coach you with how to make a custom-made assimilation strategy for your church setting.

Our welcome table greeters and guest spotters love their role and there is quite a good ‘buzz’ in church about this newer ministry. Assimilation is such a critical part of reaching unchurched people. By all means, get this training!

—Pastor Don Schaeffer, Plymouth Alliance Church

Recently our church faced an extremely dynamic opportunity that required an overwhelmingly successful financial campaign in a short period of time. Based on several very strong recommendations, we met and retained Jeremy Malick.

Jeremy was extremely visionary and a great listener to the needs of our church. He was able to connect and relate to the different members of our team. Jeremy’s hands-on approach gave my church leadership immediate buy-in and confidence. He also customized the campaign to our specific needs, and was able to adapt and adjust as the inevitable mid-campaign challenges occurred.

Perhaps the greatest endorsement of any professional’s qualifications are the results. We not only met our goals but, in several measures, we exceeded them. The stewardship coaching that he gave our leaders continues to benefit our church to this day. Jeremy had a way of designing a campaign that lead with prayer and the results were excellent as we raised above our initial goal.

—Pastor John Rose, Rancho Vista Church, Chula Vista, CA

I have had the privilege to walk alongside Jeremy Malick for a few years now and our church is definitely better for it. Our church in Redlands went through a revitalization and refresh campaign where a major overhaul was needed. Jeremy was there from the beginning with the Build-out Design.

His designs were adept as well as personal to our church and our community needs. He also faithfully saw the process through from beginning to end. Our building was a 1960s modern architectural design that was definitely outdated in the community we sat amongst. We also had many structural issues, such as inadequate bathrooms, an outdated sanctuary, and almost unusable classrooms, that needed to be addressed because they kept ministry from happening. Jeremy faithfully saw the overhaul of our antiquated building into our new year of successful ministry to the community around us.

Again, I can’t recommend Jeremy Malick enough. Our church took a faith-filled risk in the whole refresh process but Jeremy walked alongside us the whole way, encouraging and edifying the leadership team. Today we are a vibrantly growing church and a big part of that legacy goes to Jeremy for all of his hard work and dedication to us.

—Rev. Chris Robbins, The Mission Church, Redlands, CA

At Watermark OC, we brought Jeremy Malick on as our capital campaign consultant as we were about to move from a school into our first permanent facility. Jeremy was excellent to work with as he brought the direction and expertise that was necessary for us to achieve our campaign goals!

Jeremy was able to build leadership teams within the church body that paid dividends in the overall Watermark OC community. As a pastor who has run campaigns in the past, Jeremy was so much more effective than other more expensive options out there. Jeremy exceeded expectations and I would highly recommend him to any church!

—Rev. John Blue, Watermark OC, Costa Mesa, CA

I want to take a moment to talk about our experience with our recent capital campaign and the help we received from Church Coach Ministries, and specifically the role of Jeremy Malick. Last June our church leaders became convinced that we were supposed to mount an effort to retire the church mortgage debt. The amount owed was roughly $434,000, which was substantially more than our annual church budget. Going in we realized that debt reduction campaigns are the most difficult. Jeremy and CCM helped us form a leadership committee, complete with job descriptions. We also planned a special fundraiser event for friends of the church and within the community. But, the most important contribution of CCM was in helping us organize a concerted effort in prayer. The pace at which these funds came in surprised us all and I am happy to report that, after 25 years of mortgage debt, our church is now debt free!

The assistance of CCM and Jeremy Malick was invaluable in this effort.

—Pastor Mike Barnes, Community Church, Big Bear, CA

Jeremy’s assimilation training was extremely helpful! He helped us see our ministry through the lens of what newcomers experience when with us. He guided us in establishing a more intentional, relational, and guest friendly focus. He helped us retool our front door experience, so that people who visit our church are warmly welcomed, authentically engaged, and want to come back!

—Cade Christensen, Lead Pastor Journey Community Church, Tacoma, WA